Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution


2009 was not the best year for my blogging. I did not devote time to it. That is my mistake. 2010 will be different.

First question: Where did the common sense go? The Constitution is the best example of common sense any group of individuals has put together to govern a community. We are not living up to its standards. We are not living up to it because the common sense the document requires of the people following it is either gone or not being asserted. If every exception is a rule, then there are no rules. No rules equals chaos. Liberalism is the political equivalent of chaos. The United States is based upon the balance, struck by its citizens, of chaos and order against the backdrop of freedom. We need to eliminate the noise created by the chaos, and make this country better than we found it. So, here's to restoring a little quiet.

Today's request for a little more silence is to quiet the political "science" of "global warming". I can remember when I was a teenager that a volcano erupted in the Philippines. On the news that night, the reporter spoke of more pollution being put into the atmosphere than all the pollution created in the entire industrial revolution. I can remember a few weeks ago when the "evidence" of global warming was discovered to be false. Not surprising.

Why? Common sense would tell us that volcanoes would not exist if the pollution emitted therefrom caused the end of nature and a livable planet. Therefore, volcanoes and the resulting pollution are part of nature -- having purpose, meaning and importance to the natural order. Certainly, therefore, nature knows how to clean the atmosphere and how to avoid committing suicide when a volcano erupts and the planet is polluted.

"Global Warming" is a political phenomenon, not a natural one. It is axiomatic that we should pollute less tomorrow than we did yesterday. But, with all the priorities this country has (e.g., keeping terrorists from killing our children and an infrastructure that is on the verge of collapse), the country does not have time to waste on political "science."

Time to put "global warming" on ice. Common sense demands it. It is 46 degrees in Miami.